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What’s it about?:Appreciation   The language you use… a …plays a crucial role in creating your reality.   For example, you get up in the […]

What’s it about?:Will Power   Will Power doesn’t work!   Or at best it’s in limited supply.   That’s why…   So many people fail […]

What’s it about?:Mental Health   It’s the fastest growing illness of our time.   An epidemic. A catastrophe. And it’s getting worse.   Currently 450 […]

What’s it about?:Dreams and fear.   Here’s a little story about most people…   Most people have ideas. Most people have dreams. Most people talk […]

What’s it about?:Appropriate emotions   Are your emotions appropriate and healthy?   Or are your beliefs triggering emotions that are not serving you?   You […]

What’s it about?:Rewinding traumatic experiences   Just about everyone…   Is likely to have something traumatic happen to them in their life.   The death […]

What’s it about?:Running your way   “You are going the wrong way”   That’s what they kept saying to me.   You see…   There […]

Do you know the story of the 2 wolves?   You see…   You have 2 wolves living inside of you.   Wolf 1 is […]

What’s it about?:Empathy, Compassion and Kindness   Have you ever noticed…   That if you smile at a baby, the baby will smile back at […]

What’s it about?:Thoughts   Thoughts…   They are what make us different to all other species on the planet.   They enable us to create. […]

What’s it about?:Trust   It’s all about balance…   Too much of it can be a bad thing. Too little of it can be a […]

What’s it about?:Energy   You are 99.9999999% Nothing!   And no, I am not trying to give you the worst criticism you have ever received […]

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